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Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Services

Thermal Insulation Services
Ventilation and Ductwork

Thermal insulation is applied to a wide range of heating and ventilation systems within industrial and commercial sites, from air conditioning systems through to heating ductwork. Our fully trained and qualified operatives provide a heating insulation and ductwork cladding service that is unique to every project aiming to reduce heat loss from new and existing systems. We provide insulation to internal and external pipework and ducting systems. Application of metal protection to external and visible pipework. Thermal insulation materials include glass fibre, rock fibre, phenolic foam and foam glass. Insulation finishes include stucco and plain aluminium, Isogenopac, polyisobutylene, venture clad and stainless steel.

Thermal Insulation Services
Heat Trace

Electric heat tracing, or surface heating, is a system used to maintain or raise the temperature of pipes and vessels. Trace heating takes the form of an electrical heating element run in physical contact along the length of a pipe. The pipe must then be covered with thermal insulation to retain heat losses from the pipe. Heat generated by the element then maintains the temperature of the pipe. Trace heating may be used to protect pipes from freezing, to maintain a constant flow temperature in hot water systems, or to maintain process temperatures for piping that must transport substances that solidify at ambient temperatures.

Thermal Insulation Services
Steam and Condensate

This pipework runs at very high temperatures creating hazards for operatives and causing an increase in temperature. The application of insulation reduces the risk of burning and scalding from pipework achieving personal protection. Appropriate insulation applied to steam and condensate pipework results in consistent temperatures. This reduces energy consumption through unnecessary heat loss resulting in a more efficient performance of steam operated machinery, thus saving energy and money.

Thermal Insulation Services
Chilled Water Services

Select Insulation can install thermal insulation to chilled service pipework, internally or externally, to ensure accurate temperature control.

Thermal Insulation Services
Acoustic Services

Overcome acoustic problems from poorly insulated services with our insulation products for ductwork soil pipes or vent pipes. Useful in schools, hospitals and also student accommodation.